Snooker Table M-1 Model
Snooker Table M-1, matt finish over lay design
jafrys brand snooker and pool table jodpur
snooker jafrys brand jodpur
Snooker table steel block..jafrys brand
Snooker Table club jafrys brand

Welcome to Jafry's Cue

We are the pioneer of billiard and pool parlours concept in India, we made India's first commercial pool/ snooker centre in Bangalore in 1994, after that sky was the limit, you can find Jafrys & Masters brand tables all over south India and every corners of our country...

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About Us

With an experience of 27 years in the International and Indian market, we are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters, Whole sellers and Retailers

Our Products includes World class Billiard/ snooker Tables, Pool Tables & Snooker and pool cue. we have made loot of high class pool/snooker clubs, parlours and centres in India, Bhutan...

Solutions provided by our integrators has helped us grow year on year. ..

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SoMe of Our Solutions Includes:

Wide range of snooker tables

We provide a wide range of snooker tables which are crafted exactly according to the customer requirements. They are manufactured from kiln dried woods and are high on durability and performance standards.

• Snooker Cues
• Snooker Tables
• French Pool Tables
• American Pool Table
• Snooker Pool Parlours

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