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With an experience of 27 years in the International and Indian market, we are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters, Whole sellers and Retailers of World class Billiard/ snooker Tables, Pool Tables & Snooker and pool cue. we have made loot of high class pool/snooker clubs, parlours and centres in India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Bhutan In 1993 we made first snooker/pool centre in Nepal, in 2001 first snooker/pool centre in Bhutan, now you can find all over Bhutan and in all over north East Jafrys and Master brand tables.

Welcome to the World of Jafrys and Masters brand Billiards tables! We Jafrys being a well-know brand in Billiards, snooker & Pool Tables and Accessories, we assure you the finest quality that money can buy. Every table is built in a highest standards, style and finish suits you best which will give you a lifetime beauty and pleasure and be passed on to future generations as a treasured heirloom. All our Billiard/ snooker Tables are built with Imported Solid Kiln Dried Imported Hard Wood like German Beech wood, Philippines mohagany, African mahogany, Brazilian mohagany, American ash wood, American oak wood and Acacia wood. Our all tables frames are strong and strudy, all jafry's Brand Billiard/snooker tables withstand stress, loads, shock and abrasion. The table tops are 1 ¾ inches thick original imported slates. The cushions used for our tables are original NRC English rubber cushion and cloth is West of England 6811 (32 ounce). The pockets are made with genuine leather (Natural and brown) with inside or top pocket brass corners. The Aramith Balls are made in Belgium and the cues with warmth, character and authenticity. Every Master's table passes through a keen quality study to maintain the international standards and ultimate lifetime performance.

Product Range
Jafrys & Masters brand offers you the choice of wide selections in Billiards/Snooker & Pool tables, we offer the best quality Billiard/Snooker tables for all over India and all over the world. Jafrys and Masters Brand Billiards Tables and accessories are used by most of the Indian and International Clubs, Snooker & Pool Parlours, Restaurants and Private Farm Houses
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