Snooker Cues

    The Cues we make are very good in quality are highly appreciated by the patrons of this game in India. We mainly use Ash and Maple wood in Cue making.

    We specialize in Snooker Cues and also make Pool Cues. Jafrys Cues are available in the following varieties:
    1) Single Piece: These are available in Ash wood. The cues have no joints, hence is the name.
    2) Two Pieces: These cues are very popular in Snooker Clubs. These Snooker Cues have a brass joint in the center, which makes the cue easy to carry along and handle. It also gives weight to the cue and provides better strength while playing. We use Ash wood in this variety
    3) Three Quarters: These Cues available in Ash, Ebony, Rose and Maple wood, according to the demand of our customers. There is a joint at ¾ th length of the cue from the tip.

  • Cues Ash shaft

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  • Snooker Cues

  • Snooker Cues