snooker Table

    We provide a wide range of snooker tables which are crafted exactly according to the customer requirements. They are manufactured from kiln dried woods and are high on durability and performance standards. They are marked by the following features:

    • Provided with best quality table cloth available in various colour ranges
    • Available in solid mahagony,teak or ash wood
    • Available in various foot table sizes
    • Exclusive designs of pockets offered
    • Table legs can be both square and horizontally routed
    • Finest quality varnishes and paints are used for delivering that exquisite finish
    • Cushion rubbers are of high performance
    • The tables are highly durable and do not lose their sheen even after long usages
    • Multisectioned dining tops are also available as per the specifications
    • Have frames of hardwood

    They are a blend of tradition and quality providing unmatched playability and high performance. They are not only play boards but an integral piece of interior decorations.

  • Snooker Table M-1 Model

  • Snooker table M-1 Jafrys brand

  • Snooker Table M-1,Jafrys Brand

  • M-1, matt finish over lay design

  • Snooker Table Matt Black jafrys Brand

  • Snooker table. R-1 Model

  • Jafrys brand model ,Export-2

  • Jafrys brand model ,Export-1

  • Snooker Table Red Brown

  • Jafrys brand Snooker Table

  • Jafrys brand snooker table jodpur

  • Jafrys brand table

  • Snooker Table club Jafrys brand

  • Snooker centre, with jafrys brand two tables

  • Snooker jafrys brand jod pur-

  • Snooker table steel block..jafrys brand